I hired my life coach Sah D’Simone a few months ago. Another “coincidental” story. While doing makeup for a client, her friend who was sitting next to us asked me if I knew of him. Nope, never heard. “Look him up, I think you two would connect well.” Obviously, as soon as I left that job I looked him up on Instagram and immediately loved what I saw! A transformative coach who has studied around the world. Sah is a certified mental health aid, integrative nutrition health coach, breath body mind teacher, Ashtanga yoga and meditation teacher, and a raw vegan chef. HELLO! What is not to love? A few weeks later I had signed up for a Moon Retreat through Maha Rose North which you can read all about here. Again, another person asked me, “Do you know Sah?” At least now I can say I follow him on Instagram but not personally. A few weeks after that I attended a Club Soda party in NYC which was a booze-less brunch and meditation event which you can read about here and low and behold Sah walks in the door! I only had a moment to introduce myself and say a quick hello before he had to leave. After the event, a friend and I walked to Maha Rose as I saw they were having an open house event. We both signed up for mini sessions and I was shocked when I saw the session I signed up for was with Sah D’Simone. I swear I’m not a stalker! We discussed the science behind meditation and did some breath work. I felt so great after I knew I had to hire him. I’ve been working with Sah for a few months now for spiritual, emotional, and nutritional purposes. It is so great to have a Nutritional Health Coach to hold you accountable, show support, and help you on your health journey while raising so much awareness around “High Vision Food” and the power it holds over your mind, body, and soul.




Sah D'Simone