Finding the courage to do YOU

Finding the courage to do YOU

Interview with Sah D’Simone

on Wonders of Worth by Nicole Davidow

In today’s Episode I speak to the wonderful Sah D’Simone all the way from New York City. Sah is a best selling author, a speaker, a transformational coach, a meditation teacher, a raw vegan chef with retreats all over the world inspiring thousands of people to take control of their mental and physical health and create a life they truly love. Sah shares his inspiring story coming from high fashion to living in ashrams and monastery’s all over the world studying with some of the most prolific spiritual masters, meeting the Dalai Lama himself. He finally moved back to NYC to help as many people as possible to live in alignment. I enjoyed this chat fully and I know you will to. Follow Sah on Instagram, Facebook and stop by on his Website Sah's Book: 5- Minute Daily Meditation: Instant Wisdom Clarity and Calm on Amazon Don't forget to leave me a review on iTunes Let's be friends on Instagram, Facebook or just send me an email via my website.  I look forward to hearing your thought and feelings and am sending you the biggest hug!

Much Love and dream BIG!

Yours, Nicole  

Sah D'Simone