5 Minutes To Change A Child's Life: Reflections and Advice

Recorded live at 610 ESPN Philadelphia on 12/2/18 w/ host Joseph Montgomery On this Episode of the EducationLawyers.com Sunday School Show we are reflecting on who we are, the ways we live our lives and how to be the best versions of ourselves. If you had 5 minutes left to live, what would YOU tell your child? What advice would you impart and what values do you hope will stick? What’s the most important thing anybody has ever told you, something you’ll never forget? While discussing the most important lessons we’ve learned, we talk about family, love and being our ‘authentic selves.

In this heartfelt and personal episode, we are joined by a number of very special guests including our host, Joe’s, father William Montgomery. Also with us are:

Adi Jaffe, Ph.D.- Dr. Jaffe is a research psychologist, addiction specialist, and founder of IGNTD-Igniting Lives Beyond Limits. His TEDx talks on shame and the true struggles of transformation have been viewed over six hundred thousand times. You can reach him on Instagram (@dradijaffe) or on his website (http://www.igntd.com/)

Raymond Lachlan Ford-

Mr.Ford is a Marketing and Sales Professional, and as such,

he has developed the skills to anticipate, articulate and manipulate the needs of strangers. Now facing the challenges of fatherhood, Mr. Ford is wondering; is being happy just a skill and if so, is it transferable? Can he accurately anticipate, articulate and manipulate the future needs of his son Xavier.

Sah D’Simone- D’Simone is a meditation teacher, bestselling author, transformational speaker, and coach. Born in Brazil, Sah came to the U.S. at the age of 16, working for over a decade in the fashion industry, becoming the co-founder and creative director of Bullett Magazine. Despite his immense success, the high stakes culture of the fashion industry led Sah down a path of addiction and depression, eventually opening the doorway to a different way of life. In 2012, he walked away from his career in fashion and began an intensive search for health and well-being, traveling to Nepal, India, Thailand, Indonesia, and Europe to study with some of the most prolific masters of our time. After immersing himself in practice for several years, Sah returned to the states, dedicating his life to helping others to live in alignment and achieve their highest potential. You can find him on Instagram (@sahdsimone) or read his book, 5 Minute Daily Meditations: Instant Clarity. (https://www.amazon.com/5-Minute-Daily-Meditations-Instant-Clarity/dp/1641520736/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1548547360&sr=8-1&keywords=sah+d%27simone)

Sah D'Simone