Sah D’Simone: Ashram To Instagram, Merging Science And Spirituality, Finding The Courage To Be Yourself, Creating Abundance

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Sah D’Simone went from being a creative director of a popular fashion magazine to living in ashrams and monasteries around the world and studying with some of the most prolific spiritual masters. To our luck, he didn’t stay in ashrams. Sah came back to New York to help as many people as possible live in alignment and achieve their highest potential.

Combining his eye for style, sassiness, spiritual depth and smart business tactics, Sah used social media to establish a powerful brand that impacts people on a global level. Sah is an embodiment of living a Woke and Wired life, and I am very excited to share this conversation with you!


In this episode, we talk about:

  • The importance of discipline to achieve transformation
  • Spiritual bypassing
  • Overcoming suicidal thoughts and depression
  • How to become friends with the mind and live from the heart
  • Strategies that helped Sah create a blog about conscious living and attract millions of readers
  • How a comment at a dinner gave him the courage to be a spiritual teacher
  • Merging mystical and scientific knowledge
  • How to establish a successful brand as a spiritual teacher
  • How to share your message on social media: do’s and don’ts
  • An exercise for creating more abundance in your life

Resources mentioned in this episode:

5-Minute Daily Meditations: Instant Wisdom, Clarity, and Calm Book by Sah D’Simone on Amazon

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About Sah D’Simone: 

Sah D’Simone is a leading transformational coach, author, mental health advocate, and meditation teacher who combines integrative nutrition and contemplative psychotherapy to create profound change in people’s lives. After leaving the fashion industry as the co-founder and creative director of Bullett Magazine, Sah D’Simone immersed himself into the art of wellbeing, living in ashrams and monasteries around the world. He traveled to Nepal, India, Thailand, Indonesia and Europe, studying with the most prolific masters of our time including His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Lama Zopa Rinpoche, Amma Mata Amritanandamayi,  Thubten Gyatsu, Joshua Rosenthal, Richard P. Brown MD, Dr. Miles Neil, and Joe Loizzo, MD, PhD.

Sah has inspired thousands of individuals to create successful and healthy lives. He is extremely grateful to have built a career around giving back, helping people to live in alignment and achieve their highest potential; clear mind, energized body, and balanced self. Sah has also worked with Google, MoMa, American Express, United Nations, New Balance, Bloomingdales, Havas, and many others.

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