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WORKSHOP-> Enter The Flow at Maha Rose

WORKSHOP Sunday, February 19th-- Enter The Flow 11am-1:30pm

Have you ever been so passionate and engaged in a task that it feels like an out of body experience?

This class we will explore the a holistic approach to this state of consciousness known as "flow", the optimal state of mind in which humans perform and feel their best. In Buddhism and in the Yoga Sūtras this state is known as Samadhi.

You will understand the importance of primary foods as the base to feeling light and creative, the energetics foods and when it’s time to detox and break the old agreements that are keeping you stuck. You will learn to tap into the deeper mode of being where everything feels possible and the present moment is all there is. The instantaneous correspondence between inner & outer worlds.

The flow state
Ego suspension
How to turn your passion into purpose
The energetics of food
Primary foods
Importance of detox
Key tools to live by

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