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Rewrite Your Story: A Workshop on Happiness

Are you ready to let go of the old stories? And rewrite one that sets you free and aligns you with your highest potential? You will be guided with love and support to Rewrite The Blueprint Of Your Mind, Turning Off Autopilot, Merging Conscious Goals With Subconscious Agreements, Activating your Parasympathetic Nervous System On Demand, Boosting Your Happy Hormones, Superfood Nutrition, Lower Inflammation & Eliminating Anxiety and Cleanup your gut. In this evidence based workshop I will show you how to understand Happiness from a holistic perspective at the intersection of Spirituality, Modern Science, Evolutionary Psychology and Superfood Nutrition. By the end of the workshop you will be well equipped with new tools to upgrade your life, setting yourself up for spiritual and happiness awakening.  

We will meditate, breathe, move, talk and share and of course have a laugh! 

for more information and to register, HERE!