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Cleaning up the House : Purifying the Mind

with Sah D'Simone & Diego Perez

This workshop will show you how to get to know yourself at a deeper level and what it really means to cleanse your mind. Our beings are profound and complex organisms, increasing our understanding of them will help us achieve greater inner harmony, expand our self awareness, and reclaim our power. We will begin by building a biological understanding of the relationship between mind and body that we will use as a foundation to take a deeper look into the structure of the mind. Within the structure of the mind there exist knots and repeated patterns that heavily influence our behavior, we will examine what releases these patterns, what it feels like to release these patterns, and what you may encounter on the path of deep healing. This workshop will include talks, group discussions, and space for Q & A.What you will leave with: 

  • A better understanding of the mind 
  • What to expect on the path of self healing 
  • An intellectual understanding of mental knots
  • Pathways you can take to cleanse the mind 
  • A deeper self awareness

Come join us to build a stronger understanding of our inner mechanics so that we each can better continue our personal healing journeys. 

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