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Spiritual Activism at The Assemblage

"The only tired I was, was the tired of giving in."
- Rosa Parks

 Standing Rock. Black Lives Matter. The Women’s March. Occupy Wall Street. The Arab Spring. LGBTQ rights. The Umbrella Movement:

Activism at the start of the 21st century is alive today thanks to the legacy of previous generations. However as we navigate the present day landscape, we witness continued inequality, broken immigration policies, climate chaos, and systemic racism. How can we alchemize our outrage into positive victories and broaden our perspectives? How can we work within collective movements that are infused with our aspirations of a more equitable, peaceful, and just-world while growing as conscious and compassionate beings?

These questions lead us, in part, to a framework of social justice that can be called Spiritual Activism. As an approach which acknowledges Spirit but that is also firmly grounded in an analysis of broken systems, Spiritual Activism emphasizes direct involvement with movements to address solutions while remaining heart centered. And with the accelerating rate of the climate crisis, the future of our species depends precisely on our ability at this moment in history to respond boldly.

Join us for a dynamic panel discussion, group meditation, and organizing as we unpack the movements making history today and learn ways to get involved.

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