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Reclaim Your Power Retreat

  • Maha Rose North 130 Morgan Hill Road Hurley, NY, 12443 United States (map)

Step fully into life and live it with more passion and power, breaking through barriers and cravings—physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional. If you’d like to feel totally recharged, if you want to let go of your old stories and write a new one aligned with your goals, come shift your perspective with meditation, breathwork, and yoga asana taught by two truly inspirational teachers.

Using real-world applications for practical self-transformation, this program provides tools to

· Rewire your brain with new habits

· Cultivate compassion

· Heal trauma stored in the body and settle the mind

· Become present and emotionally intelligent

· Maintain a healthy gut through intuitive eating

· Balance your autonomic nervous system

· Boost your “happy hormones.”

Become the master of your inner and outer world, learning to meet life with less anxiety, fear, and suffering. The brother and sister team of Sah D’Simone and Moun D’Simone have designed a program to help you reconnect with your bliss and create positive, lasting changes. You’ll return home able to live a more productive, sustainably balanced, and creative life, feeling more attuned to yourself and others.

What You’ll Experience

· Healing trauma stored in the body

· Rewiring new habits

· Boosting happiness levels

3-5pm Arrival: Check in + Settle in
6:15pm Opening Circle: Group Breathwork + Meditation
-Intention Setting
-Intro Talk
8 pm Dinner
10pm Lights Out

7am Breathwork + Meditation
7:30am Yoga with Moun
8:45am Breakfast + Morning pages
10am Talk
12:30pm Lunch & Break
2pm Dynamic Healing Exercises: Ancient and Modern Trauma-Sensitive Techniques
3:15pm Talk & Share
5pm Breathwork & Restorative Yoga
6:45 pm Dinner & Break

7am Breathwork + Meditation
7:30am Yoga with Moun
8:45am Breakfast
9:30am Closing Talk: The Discipline of A Daily Practice + Next Steps
10:30am Closing Fire Ceremony + Final Group Share
12pm Celebratory Lunch
1:30- 2pm Departure

Exchange: $550 includes food & lodging

*for payment plans or other inquiries, call the desk, or email us at*