We Are One Species is a gathering that takes place every year in cities across the world on the International Day of Peace.


    12-1:00 PM

    -Gather/Feeding homeless around Washington Square Park area -Pizza and more, would love if anyone else wants to contribute and order more food, text or msg me if so. Have to be careful as park doesn't want us to pass out food, so has to be discreetish.

    1:00 PM opening song from Fort Vine

    1:05-1:25 The amazing and hilarious Andriana Santiago, comedian, improv star and songwriter

    1:25 Speaker: Devee founder of innovative new volunteering app Deed,

    1:30-2:15 Profound thoughts and kundalini yoga from the young sage Liam Pfeiffer

    2:20 spoken word by poet Katy May

    2:30: Speaker Matthew Nolan, founder of the app Verona, a communications app that is accelerating world peace by connecting Palestinians and Israelis.

    2:40: Music from Fort Vine/Donation to Syria Civil Defense

    2:50: Meditation led by the brilliant Abel Costa

    3:05: Performance by the beautiful Katy's Lee

    3:30 Speaker Sneha Sinha, progressive activist, social injustice reformer. Creator of progressive voices align.

    3:40: Jeff Scult -founder of one golden thread movement

    3:40: Go hug 3 strangers, try to see them for who they are, and tell them they're beautiful.

    3:50: Speaker: Sah D'Simone: Talk on forgiveness and guided meditation

    4:05: Max Stossel spoken word

    4:15: Woom center sound meditation (unreal)

    4:30 Nicholas Maddicks DJ set

    4:50 Emy Rose

    5:00 Fort Vine/imagine by John Lennon

    5:30 speech/first march

    *a few secret guests as well

More details, here!