"Have been feeling really on track since your workshop, really helped to reaffirm my path & making it as positive & progressive in the right way" 

- Tali Lennox


"It was an incredible experience! I throughly enjoyed the guided mediation exercises you led, our discussion about the mind body connection, and the information regarding nutrition and clean eating as it relates to overall wellbeing. As a licensed therapist, I am looking forward to incorporating my newfound holistic knowledge into my work with my clients to help them improve their emotional, physical and spiritual health!" 

-Jennifer Schliessman


"Sah’s teachings are in-depth and comprehensive, and when synchronized with his deep rooted life lesson, which spurred out his zest for life and service, his workshop becomes far more than just an informative lesson. You come to understand how he doesn’t just talk it, he walks it. He is in deep alignment with it, and it’s those kinds of teachers who create the most powerful ripple effects.” 

  - Leyla Salvadé


"The Holistic Health Workshop by Sah D'Simone is a great opportunity for people to learn, practice and experience first-hand a variety of simple but powerful techniques to heal the body, mind and spirit. Thank you for your kindness, smile and presence."

-Marine Selenee


“Sah D’Simone successfully lead a popular 6 week long staff class at Omega Institute titled The Happiness Equation, from which the feedback was quite positive.”

- Brett Bevell


“I had the privilege to take Sah's class while working at Omega with him. Sah not only teaches from his true experiences- he teaches from his authentic sense of being and his ability to connect with each student in a natural and unique way. Sah's classes fuse science and spirituality and how both affect the way we connect with others, ourselves, and the gift of life on earth. His approach is so genuine, deep, fun and full of life. The space that Sah holds is fun, vibrant and inspiring. Sah's Happiness Equation is a deeply authentic gift to anyone interested in living a life of love and truth. “

-Courtney Nicole Kalinowski


“Super enlightening workshop!” 

-Ruby Warrington


"Sah brings Truth and Love of the highest and most potent forms to the present moment experience. Being in his company (class) has inspired me to step my game up and stop playing small. Recognizing my gifts and sharing them has been rewarding at the deepest level of my soul. And I am just getting started... Thank you Sah for your service to this World. May all beings be happy and free." 

- Vina Lila


“I can't say enough wonderful things about Sah's class and his teaching methods. The information he provided was so valuable to me on my journey of wellness. His teaching style blended both humor and familiarity with a totally approachable sense of ease. I would recommend his class to anyone who is serious about making radical changes to their health!”

-Melanie Hunter


"I wish I could find the words to describe how GRATEFUL I am for being handed the opportunity to become one of Sah's students. In his class The Happiness Equation we did an exercise which allowed me to gain intense clarity on EXACTLY what my life purpose is. With his help, encouragement, & belief in me (& all other humans) I am taking the steps required to get me from where I am to where I am destined to be." 

-Sarah Burke


“Sah is an amazing teacher. He not only has a wealth of knowledge, but he is also able to break down information in accessible ways. I was impressed with his ability to meet each student where they were on their personal journey and give them steps toward a happier and healthier life. The Happiness Equation is a must for living a more balanced, healthier, happier life.”

- Mandy McDermott


“If you are just awakening to the idea that there's more in this world for you OR if you're well on your way to living the life you were born to live, The Happiness Equation will take you to the next level.  Sah D'Simone blends ancient wisdom with modern science in a way that's easy to understand and apply to every day life.  In a short period of time after incorporating what I learned, I experienced amazing physical and mental shifts.  Give yourself this gift--the life you're meant to live is waiting.”

- Michael Modresky

A tangible and accessible means to journey towards enlightenment with a touch of spice. Sah structured the class in a way where he gave just enough info that the mind could process and not feel overwhelmed

The Happiness equation is a formula to help one find their bliss; to discover their true divine essence via simple steps that create profound lasting effects. If you are seeking a means to truly transform your life and live from the heart and truly be the change you wish to see in the world this is the course for you. An experience that will leave you so in awe that every cell in your body will smile and feel on fire and awake. 

- Prince MH